WFMT Samples


Peter Meechan “Velvet Blue”

(b. 1980) is a British-born, Canada-based composer whose music has been played by some of the finest wind and brass bands in the world. With more than 80 CD credits to his name, he has been commissioned, recorded, and performed by artists including Jens Lindemann OC, Bramwell Tovey, Ryan Anthony, Steven Mead, and The Band of the Coldstream Guards. Meechan currently holds the position of “Musical Associate” with the famous Fodens Brass Band, UK.

To explore new territory for brass and organ, the Chicago Gargoyle Brass approached Peter Meechan to write a piece for rock organ and brass. Indeed, when played on a two manual Hammond or modern keyboard, this piece rocks! But nothing matches a pipe organ. Best heard in his native Manchester accent, Pete’s performance requests were simple: “Rodney, I only need two things from this piece: number one hit all the right organ notes, and number two play those brass notes dirty!”


Carlyle Sharpe “Flourishes”

Flourishes was commissioned by Drury University on the occasion of the inauguration of its 15th president.  An optional timpani part was later added at the request of the Chicago Gargoyle Brass for use in a competition.  The work has been performed frequently at Easter and Christmas and has been a part of the Christmas and the Washington Chorus concerts at The Kennedy Center. [Notes by composer]  (ECS Publishing)


Hear the Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble performing David Marlatt’s “Earthscape” on Pipedreams: